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audrey working at Restaurant Woods

Audrey – Restaurant Woods

Coming from a family of hoteliers, Audrey was soon bitten by the hospitality and guest service bug. She gained experience in luxury hotels in the Caribbean, on Reunion Island and in Australia before arriving in Geneva, her first professional experience in Europe.


Sharing her taste for gastronomy is essential to this dynamic and willing young woman.

“I love introducing young people to my profession and getting them to share my passion for exceptional guest service”.


For Audrey working at Restaurant Woods, it holds an important position within the hotel InterContinental Geneva. “Our clientele, mostly here on business, expect quick and efficient service.


So it’s up to us to impress them in a short space of time and help them discover gastronomy with local products.”


So it’s up to us to impress them in a short space of time and help them discover gastronomy with local products.”


In her words, the Restaurant Woods team is: close-knit and resolutely customer-orientated.


About Restaurant Woods.

You’ll sense the harmony that exists in nature in Woods, a classic restaurant offering contemporary cuisine.
Restaurant Woods host the best business brunch in the city. The space is also ideally suited for informal get-togethers with friends.

Louise – Room Service

It was for customer service that Louise chose to go into the hotel and restaurant trade. “The hotel trade was the obvious choice for me.”


She discovered Room Service during her studies and straight away loved learning more in this department, which combines restaurant service and accommodation at the same time.


After having worked in 5-star hotels for several seasons, Louise is now pursuing her career in our hotel. Her job is her passion: “I love gastronomy and I am happy that this is part of my everyday work.”


To be in daily contact with guests in their rooms is a challenge for her: “We represent the hotel in terms of the quality of our service and we are part of the experience, which we hope is always positive, for our guests in our hotel.”


This is another reason why she likes her job so much. You have to be discreet but efficient, just like Louise. The Room Service team is ultimately a close-knit family.


They all work harmoniously together. “I sense that my co-workers and I always work to provide the best service to guests.” Louise is sure that she will improve even more, thanks to her team.



Katrina – Sales Department

When the Philippines met Geneva, the cocktail was explosive and sparkling


After studying at business school, Katrina discovered the hotel trade and is passionately committed to this sector which in her eyes demands rigour, industriousness, organisation and a strong sense of responsibility.


“Our guests trust us to organise their events, and it is up to us to provide them with memorable experiences through our product, which is magnificent.”


Katrina quickly rose through the ranks of prestigious establishments, always maintaining contact with guests.


As Events & Catering Sales Executive “you’ve got to give 100%, take time to understand what the guest wants, so that he feels that we are really there for him.”


Clearly passionate about her job, Katrina defines the Sales Department as the anchor point connected to all the other departments in the hotel.


Always enthusiastic, she describes her team as “combatants in a market where competition is often fierce,” but at the heart of which lies a good team spirit and mutual support.

Julien – Kitchen

Having been used to “eating well” and working with food since childhood, Julien discovered the life of a chef through his family background.


In his career he has met many people who have spurred him on to progress in a demanding profession which is sometimes difficult, but which he still performs every day with passion.


Committed and engaged, he had the opportunity to join a restaurant in France which was awarded a Michelin star. “I was so proud to have taken part in such a project.”


And it was to continue this progress that he joined the team of chefs in our hotel.


“I wanted to see the workings of a large well-known establishment like InterContinental Geneva with a large team in the kitchen”.


The contribution which the kitchen makes is important to Julien: “Most of our guests are staying in the hotel, and we have to make ourselves part of the continuity of their stay by preparing top quality dishes to ensure that their experience is as enjoyable as possible.”


Keeping it simple and staying true to the produce are the key characteristics for our team of chefs, in Julien’s words.


About the Restaurant Woods


You’ll sense the harmony that exists in nature in Woods, a classic restaurant offering contemporary cuisine. Restaurant Woods host the best business brunch in the city. The space is also ideally suited for informal get-togethers with friends.

Julie – Housekeeping

Julie discovered her flair for housekeeping on the ground, after working in restaurants. This perpetual search for perfection, “for the detail which will make all the difference”, perfectly suits her personality.


Julie has had an opportunity to develop her skills at luxury hotels in France and Switzerland. Her passion for this job, which went unrecognized, was reinforced there. “You don’t realise all the work which actually goes into making the guest’s stay unforgettable.


It’s a matter of pride for me.” This is not a job you get into by chance, and you can meet lovely people, but as Julie clarifies: “You have to stay professional and maintain boundaries when you find yourself getting close to guests.”


Since Julie has been working in our hotel, she has learned a lot, in particular to “give the best of yourself” on a daily basis.


She works in collaboration with a dynamic team who have a real desire to develop and good team spirit.


Her “housekeeping” team includes housekeepers, chamber maids, porters, laundry workers and florists.

Thomas – Technical Department

An electrician by trade and passionate about new technologies, Thomas started his career as a sub-contractor for a French company.


After a short interlude travelling around the Saint Martin islands, he has been working in our hotel for more than 3 years.


When he looks at his career path, Thomas realises that it is the people he met who persuaded him to take up this profession, as well as the variety, the need to be meticulous and the finishing touches which makes all the difference.


“You don’t see all the work when you turn the light on,” and that is where the challenge lies! A true jack-of-all-trades, he recognises that he learns something every day, and that every day is different in his department.


With a team which includes all the different trades, the atmosphere is dynamic and friendly “and that’s what motivates you!” If you ask him what his position in the hotel is, he answers with a smile “we are all links in the chain, we are all moving in the same direction for the well-being of our guests.”

Sara – Reservations

A true Italian, the reason why Sara chose the hotel trade was above all to get to know different cultures whilst maintaining contact with guests. She started her career in Reception, and quickly moved to the Reservations Department.


“I wanted to maintain contact with guests, but with a sales aspect too.” After working in several European countries, it was chance, in her own words, which brought Sara to Geneva.


“I appreciate being able to work for a major chain, it is very rewarding.” If you ask Sara to describe her job, she explains that above all it is about pleasing people, paying great attention to detail and ensuring that their wishes are met. “You are there for them and to make their stay unforgettable.”


For Sara, the Reservations Department is one of the first points of contact with guests, the point which enables them to come and stay with us.


The Reservations team in a few words: “Multicultural, open-minded and mutually supportive.”

Marion – Front Office

Marion has chosen a profession which is like her: dynamic and always on the move. It was through meeting people that she had the opportunity to work in a Relais & Chateaux hotel and discover reception work.


“We are present at the time of arrival and departure of guests, so we have an overall view of their stay.”


Since working for Intercontinental Geneva Marion has adapted to the nuances of business clientele. “Their expectations are different; business guests are very independent and expect a reactive service, it is a challenge every single day and at the same time exciting.”


For Marion, the Front Office department is the engine driving the hotel. The work is intense, the department has to forward all the information associated with guests to the other departments so that their stay runs as smoothly as possible.


The Front Office team is “fantastic, close-knit and always smiling”.


Marion feels well-supported in her department and is very enthusiastic about a job where everything happens fast and each day is different.